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try won by the sword must be held b●y it; that the Sepoy only respected us so ▓long as we were militarily strong.General▓s and officials without number fel●t


and said the same.The abolition of▓ flogging in the native army, while▓ retained with the white troops, only▓ added to the increasing want of resp▓ect of the form


er for the British soldier.Th▓ere is nothing worse than virtue gone ma▓d! There is no greater vice with barba▓ric and ignorant people.But the Company▓


sat still, and, civilian-li●ke, were content so long as the oute▓r part of the sepulchre remained whiten●ed!299 The very efforts at introducing

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▓the principles of Western civilis●ation in too abrupt a manner had raise●d, long since, concealed antagonism.Immen●sely conservative as all the E▓ast is, such changes should be made more▓ than gradually.The hostility of the pe●ople had been excited by measures, ●well meant, no doubt, but whic●h were antagonistic to their cherished beliefs,● their old-world and long-continued custom●s.That of the chiefs had been aro●used by our continued deposition or ▓supersession of kings, rajahs, and chiefta▓ins, who, with all their faults, were natives● and not aliens.The Mahomedan●s felt these changes most, but the Hindus were▓ by no means apathetic. The very● quietude of the na

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in the West, but in the East it is far otherwis●e.The Asiatic reveres perso

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e, and believes in little else.●Sir Samford Whittingham, no mean judge, as

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s 1824 had seen the com▓ing danger, and writes: “The● longer I stay in In

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e I am convin▓ced of the correct truth of all my former st●atements to you

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hangs upon a thre▓ad.The slightest reverse would se●t the whole in a flam

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a▓ve not the smallest hold upo▓n any class of men in all your vast Indian

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except that which is immediately derive●d from the opinion—or rather the c

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●hat your bayonets and sabres are ▓superior to theirs.The Indian army must

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tions under ou●r rule is misleading, and misleads● those who now think that all the var●ied peoples and sects of India love us, ●love one another, and are of the same race an●d feeling.The natives of India are ▓as different as

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